How I travel in Spain

A glimpse into my brain while exploring a place I’ve never been to. (For example, this happened in Toledo, Spain the other day.)
Gosh, what a beautiful day. I think I’m gonna explore.
Ok, I want to go here, here, here and here. And definitely stop there after.
*Starts walking to first here*
It’s SO beautiful out. I love it here.
Ok, I’m half-way or so there.
That’s an interesting store.
Holy crap that’s expensive. LOLOLOL #no.
*keeps walking to first here*
Ooooh, that’s an enchanting little street. And those wide cobblestone stairs that go down…Gahh, I have to go down them.
Ahhh, this is SO COOL. I feel like Shakespeare is going to walk out one of those doors. Or would Miguel de Cervantes be a better comparison? Whatever.
Oh wow, these stairs go down far.
Ok, just one more corner and then I’ll go back.
BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S DOWN THERE. And, I mean, I’m already this far. I have time. It’s fine. Stop controlling life, Lindsey.
Oh, this little neighborhood is cute.
I’ll keep walking down this street.
Aww, ok, that was fun. Now it’s time to head back.
Wait. Where am I?
I think I’m…here?
*walks more*
Oh crap, I’m lost. It’s ok. Just means more adventure, right?
*walks more*
LOL But seriously, where am I?
Ok, I’m in this plaza and there are 5 streets connecting to it.
Alright, use your 3-months of Girl Scouts, Lindsey. Which way is north?
No clue.
Wait, which way is the sun heading?!
Oh, that’s right, it’s cloudy today.
Should I ask someone? How do I say “I’m lost” in Spanish?
LOL Who am I kidding. I couldn’t understand their directions anyways.
But that woman looks nice.
*awkwardly approaches with a weird half-smile*
Aaaaand no. Screw it, too awkward. I’m just gonna walk up this street.
LORD this is a big hill. Once I’m at the top, I’ll be able to see that other street’s name.
Oh thank god. I know where I am.
Do I go left or right?
I thiiiiink right?
*walks for 5 minutes*
OH THANK GOD. I was right.
Hokay. Now I know where I am. Damn, I wandered far.
Focus Lindsey, you have all these places you want to see.
*Proceeds to first place*
GAH. Love it. So glad I’m here.
Alright, now on to the next place, I think I go thiiiiis way.
Wait, both these streets are named Calle de Jesus. WTF.
Oh…nevermind. I was wrong. Ok, this way. Can’t wait to see this *place*
Ohhhh, those stairs going up that hill are SO cute. LOOK at those little balconies with flowers on them. #apartmentgoals
Ok fine, Lindsey, you can walk up those stairs, but COME BACK DOWN THE WAY YOU CAME.
*Proceeds to walk up stairs*
Ooooh, I wonder where that leads?!
Another staircase. Fantastic. But hey, butt’s going to look awesome.
Oh. It’s a dead end. Never mind.
What about going this way instead?
Lawd, this is steep.
Is that a swing set and park bench?
God, I love it when I let myself wander.
*enjoys overlook for a while*
Ok, time for next *thing*
It’s getting late and you’re hungry so no more wandering Lindsey.
Sees *thing* and another *thing* without getting lost.
Psh, daaaaang, I got this travel shit down bro.
And I totally know where I am! Jeez, I’m practically a local.
Like, I know this street is a shortcut to my hotel.
Oh wait. It’s not.
But I’ll keep walking, I’ll get to that one plaza and can find my way back.
*walks 10 more minutes*
Ok. Just backtrack and go the real way Lindsey.
*Backtracks and doesn’t take short cuts*
AHHH. My hotel!!!!! I’M HERE EVERYONE.
*collapses on lobby floor and crawls to the elevator*
Wow. What a day. SO amazing, but don’t get lost like that again.
*Next morning: Repeats entire sequence*

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