Let Yourself Be Moved: A Lesson from Toledo, Spain

I’m a fairly even-keeled person, but I can also be emotional. And I let myself be emotional and feel whatever I’m feeling (well, I’m getting better at it at leastΒ )

Anyhoo. Here I was, walking around Toledo seeing views, sights and streets that were like nothing I’d seen before. Looking down old cobblestone roads that seemed like they hadn’t been touched since the Middle Ages and then seeing a green, rocky hillside in the distance…I mean. WOW.

I was moved by the city, the architecture and the whole environment and energy that surrounded me. As I was walking up to the Cathedral area, a man was playing Adele’s “Someone Like You” on the cello, the music echoing through the street.

I paused, leaned up against the stony wall behind me and listened.
Out of nowhere, I was struck with an overload of emotions and feelings and I just started to cry. It wasn’t a sad, negative, achy cry, but just a raw, cathartic emotional spillage.

I usually try to keep my shit together in public, but I couldn’t hold it in for some reason. After the song ended, I speed-walked into the plaza area and found a quiet, shadowy corner where I could “let it out” and then gracefully pull myself together.

I think it was a combination of the beauty that surrounded me, the fact that my trip is coming to a close and the fact that so many chapters in my life have opened in the past 6 weeks. Chapters that I didn’t know would ever exist. Chapters that I wanted and dreamed would exist, but didn’t know they could.

After processing what happened and what I was feeling, here are my thoughts:

1. Always keep a pack of Kleenex with you.

2. And…

There is beauty and growth in discovery, exploration and curiosity. There is beauty and growth when you let yourself simply be moved, by whatever and whenever it happens.

Curiosity, mindfulness, appreciation and enchantment is good for the soul. Allow a child-like sense of wonder to come over you, whether you’re walking down your street for the millionth time or discovering a new place.

And acknowledge, respect and move toward what calls to you. Those recurring thoughts, feelings and desires are not a stroke of luck, they’re real and they’re telling you something. If not one certain thing calls to you, allow yourself to be curious about WHATEVER you want. Curiosity leads to more mindfulness and joy. It leads you to more discovery, of the world around you and of yourself. Curiosity also awakens passion.

Let yourself be moved. Breathe into emotions and feelings as they come up, good and bad. Allow yourself to be and feel adventurous, whether it’s by driving a new way to work, trying a new grocery store, going on a weekend road trip or finally sharing your creative side with the world.

Be you. Because who you are is beautiful.

Time for dinner.

Lots of love from Toledo,

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