A Morning in Sevilla

I was looking through some old journal entries I made when I visited Sevilla in fall of 2016 and I came across this post…I never shared it for some reason, but as I read it, I was immediately brought back to that exact moment. I can almost feel myself there again.


“I woke up at 5am this morning ready to take on the day. Blame it on jet lag, but I was up and fully functioning by 5:30. I knew I was fully functioning because I was successfully using my French Press that resided in my apartment, something that until yesterday had been a completely foreign piece of kitchenware for me. What can I say, my cheap coffee pot has served me well for many years.

I worked at my desk in my cozy apartment for a while, continually glancing outside to see if the darkness had lifted. It hadn’t. I looked up “sunrise in Sevilla” on Google and found it wouldn’t happen until 8:30am. Welp. More work to be done. 

A couple hours later, I reheated the last of my coffee, wrapped the sofa blanket around me and walked out onto my balcony to watch the city light up and come alive. 

It was a brisk, cool morning, so being cocooned the blanket helped, as did the warm cup of coffee in my hands. 

As I sat down, the 8am church bells started ringing throughout the city. First from La Giralda, then the nearby corners and then echoing throughout the distant streets of the city. Each bell with their own somber tone and rhythm. 

I was serenaded by ringing church bells for a few minutes and then there was silence again. No motorbikes, no cars, no voices, just still silence. 

I glanced down into my coffee cup and found a shining yellow dot in the middle of it and then I realized it was the moon being reflected from right above where I was sitting. 

I looked out over the rooftops as the sky slowly turned from gray to a light blue and the scattered puffy clouds gained their pinkish glow from the rising sun. 

Not soon after I marveled at how silent the city was, I began to hear the distant musical echo of voices, old doors creaking open and clanging shut in the street, motorbikes buzzing along, cars rumbling along the cobblestone streets. A familiar coo of the morning dove came from the satellite wires on the nearby apartment. 

The city was waking up, and so was I. A light, cool breeze flowed over me and I tightened the blanket around my arms and shoulders. My coffee almost done and turning cold. 

Another day started and I was ready to start with it.”

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