Why It’s Ok To Say “No”

Did you know that “No” is a complete sentence? Well, it is! 😉 Are there certain commitments, activities and people in your life that you’d really rather say “no” to? You, your time and energy are precious, so in this video I help you identify what is draining you of energy and joy and how you can release it from your life (to make more room for awesomeness!) I understand there will always be things in life that we don’t really *want* to do, but have to do…but I want you to think bigger picture here.

In this video I share:
1. Why it’s OK to say “no” (seriously, it is.)
2. How to graciously release yourself from commitments and people that drag you down & suck your energy
3. A few mindset shifts to help you say “no” with confidence (and without the guilt!)

Share below: What energy drainers are you going to say “no” to?

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