Episode 003: Why It’s OK to Say No

Welcome to Episode 003 of The Art of Alignment! Today we’re talking about saying NO.

Did you know that “No” is a complete sentence? Well, it is! 😉 Are there certain commitments, activities and people in your life that you’d really rather say “no” to? You, your time and energy are precious, so in this episode I help you identify what is draining you of energy and joy and how you can release it from your life (to make more room for awesomeness!)

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I want The Art of Alignment to be more for you than me, so I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know what you like, don’t like, what you’d like to hear more of and what questions you want answered. You can email me at lindsey(at)travelswithlindsey.com or fill out the form on the Contact page.

See you next week! ~ Lindsey

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