Welcome to my video page! Below you can find more information about my two videos series, Travels with Lindsey and Wine Talk Wednesday.

Travels with Lindsey

Travels with Lindseya fun and engaging YouTube travel series where I share the personality, the passion, the beauty and the quirks of the world around us. From the winding streets of Seville, Spain to the hip coffee shop in Downtown San Diego, I want to inspire you to open your eyes to the world around you and adventure to a new country or just down your street. Watch my latest adventures by clicking below! Travels with Lindsey Logo

Wine Talk Wednesday

Focusing on the fine (and often hilarious) balance between real life and “finding your zen,” Wine Talk Wednesday offers a fun and refreshing look at self-empowerment, personal development and the infinite wisdom that can be gained from travel. Through engaging stories and easy-to-mentally-digest doses of wisdom each week, you’ll be inspired to reflect, grow and live more in alignment with your true self. You’ll finish each episode feeling energized and ready to create more joy in your life on a daily basis.

wine talk wednesday